Steffi and I were visiting the sheltes  where I'm receiving my foster dogs:

Seperanta Pentru Animale - Craiova

They have two:              the "old shelter"     and the       "new shelter"

The old shelter is about 13 years old, the new about 3 year.

Here are a link to the idea how the new shelter should be (one day) :

Pictures of the dogs at the old shelter:

Alinas sisters - still 3 remaining:

left:           no name - very shy (I called her "Mom")
middle:    Anda - good to place
right:        no name - a little shy (I called her "Big Sis")
Big Sis sniffing at Anda, after we were out with her
Big Sis barks always about 15 minutes after she got her food
"It's mine, mine, mine!"
3 pictures of Anda. We took her out (without a leash!)
I was thinking for her, as a successor of Alina,
who unfortunately died a week before we came.
Anda, smelling on Alinas fur.
Axel, who took Chances place with these two girls,
after I took Chance as a fosterdog
Berta - a very big dog with a lot of power
I called him Bob Marley. 
He doesn't like to be touched
Diana, we were out with her.
She was together with Costi, so we  took him out too
Beautiful Dina !
A perfect dog, very nice !
Dorval, an older dog.
Very gentle and elegant.
We were out with him
Jumper ! 
We wanted to take him out.
I put the harness on him, but after the "click" he went right away back into his house.
We couldn't manage to get the harness back!
I guess he is still wearing it and seems to like it!
Such a sweety !
We don't remember her name. (Diana too ?)
So we called her "Killing Machine", because O. told us, that she is a very fast rat killer.
Lupu, my next foster dog
Looking forward to meet him again!
Mystery is a mystery:
She came here after an accident with two smashed back legs.
No operation, but she can walk almost normal and is a big power machine!

When I wanted to go into her kennel, she tried to escape. 
After 2 minutes of trying to not letting  her out, I was totaly sweaty and only with Steffis help, 
we could prevent her not to slip away.

Afterwards, she got out anyhow, because first I and second even O. have not closed her door good enough.

I don't remeber her name.
O. told us, that dogs getting her nose burned when they are puppies, 
to prevent, that they are getting ill
One of the girls in Chance old kennel loves to water paddling.
I bet Chance did that too.
Our first dog, who we put into the harness to go out with.
And our last - because Jumper was the next dog ...
Very nice young male dog
So sweet!
These two a in one kennel and both a very, very shy.
Even O. cannot touch them.
She cannot walk very good and 3 of her paws have very long claws.
Only one has normal claws. Strange ...
Unfortunatly she is very shy, I couldn't get a closer look.
One of three very young pups.
He was the weakest. 
We took all three to the vet, where they got some vitamin-shots.
But he didn't made it and died 3 hours after we left.
The outside-dogs
Left is Gonzo and Shandor and the right one is a female.
On the third day, they knew, that our car means : GOODIES !!
Red - the boss outside !
Shandor again


Pictures of the dogs at the new shelter:

Noah is the guardian dog in the entrance area.
Very sweet and gentle.
Behind him is the first water tank.
Found seriously injured on the roadside, 
Mookie underwent surgery for a pelvic fracture 
and was treated for her wounds. 
Unfortunately, her body has not recovered despite the care received: 
Mookie remains weakened, and suffers from physiological problems
that cannot be cured
(e.g problems with her kidneys)

But she is the friendliest dog in the shelter

She runs free with some others in the first right area,
where the kennels are not finished yet
In this area, there is also a dog, who we never saw, 
because she/he is always hiding under this thing 
and is protected by this colorful nice dog.
The colorful dog had lost his silblings and has found a job to do.
This is Freddy.
He is one of two dogs in this area, who are in a provisional kennel.
He doesn't like unknown people, but he decided to like us :-)
We called him "terror dog", because he was always baring to dogs in other areas
In the next area was also a big kennel with cats
It is also a green place with some dogs always running arround
This is Gill
He suffers from motor disability,
and often drags his rear axle behind him when he moves.
Although he is equipped with a trolley, 
he can only remain on the device under supervision,
as he tries to get out and risks further injury
In the next area, there are also no  finished kennels yet.
Three youngsters are running arround this place.
We called them "the Ghetto-Gang"
(in  the front is Zarpa with her weak left front leg left from distemper)
Next area is a green place again with a water tank.
Some dogs are running free the whole time, but
it is also a place for the kennel dog of the next area to go.
This is Grasu
He is here with his "wife" Fetita since about 10 years.
I had the task to take pictures of him ... 
he was always around food ;-D
Now we are in a kennel-area
 That is Lulu
She was first very frightened and traumatized when 
she came from another shelter. 
Here she gained confidence.
Ms. Lonely - she was so nice:
Even when her door was open she was not leaving
This is Oldy
He was my favourite. 
As far as I know he has no name yet
Now, we are in the last area - a green one again
This is Redford, like Robert Redford.
He is a real charmer. Maybe an English boy one day !
She likes to be petted too, but you have to be carefully if food is around ;-).
She has some distemper ticks (muscle shaking).
The sweetest but shy girl: Arrow !!!